Vista Business Inc and its subsidiaries announce a partnership with Loyalty Superstore to launch a Connect2family Prepaid Card processed by Power2Process   

Doral, Fla (June 1, 2016) --

Vista Business Inc. through its subsidiaries and associates has entered into an agreement with Power2Process and Connect2Family USA to promote new line of businesses.

One of the associates; Loyalty Superstores, creative.loyaltysuperstore.com, is willing to add a private labeled Connect2Family Prepaid Card processed by Powe2Process to its financial services.  

Loyalty Superstores operates, among others, the National Mall℠.  National Mall℠  is a customizable online shopping platform focusing on assisting corporations, non-profits, and retailers increase their revenues, and build customer loyalty.

Cash Back Incentives are available to signed customers who shop in the National Mall℠.  With over 1200 merchants, the National Mall pays for 100% of the rewards and cash back REBATES, at no cost to its clients.

Loyalty Superstore is willing to issue a Connect2Family Prepaid card to facilitate National Mall℠   customers redemption of accumulated cash backs and incentives at stores and merchants accepting Mastercard® cards.




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