Connect2Family announces launch of Connect2Family and Indux Card Programs. Programs include personalized cards, instant issue cards, gift and other prepaid domestic and international products

Pembroke Pines, Fla (December 31, 2016) -- Connect2Family USA Inc. (“C2F”) has developed and provides in today’s U.S. and worldwide financial markets the most advanced and desired financial products and services. These products and services are prepaid debt card program development, prepaid card programs, prepaid card marketing and prepaid card sales, transaction processing of prepaid cards, instant issue prepaid cards and gift cards. The prepaid debit card product is the fastest growing worldwide financial services product around the world including the U.S. and India. 

One of the first and largest opportunities for C2F is offering C2F Cards to the Indian community living and working in U.S.  This community is comprised of both U.S. Indian citizens (“Citizens”) and non-resident Indians (“NRIs”) living and working in the U.S.  In order to gain maximum traction for the program with both the Citizens and NRIs in the U.S., C2F and Indux India have partnered and co-sponsored the Indux CARD Program.  The Indux CARD Program (“iProgram”) distributes and sells the Indux CARD to banked, under-banked and non – banked working U.S. Indian Citizens and NRIs giving them access to the U.S. banking system and to simplify the process of sharing money with family and friends within the U.S. and throughout India.  C2F does not need any license to provide these overseas remittances. In India, the Reserve Bank of India has ruled that these remittances are actually bank-to-bank transfers and are covered under each participating bank’s license.

The iProgram is the first prepaid debit card program being offered by affiliated Indian banks in India to enable U. S. resident Indians and NRIs to manage their U.S. domestic and international monetary transactions through Connect2Family services.

Power2Process is the sole processing platform and service provider used by Connect2Family to support the financial services provided by the iProgram.



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